\\\\HTG 800-4 800mm Concrete Grinder Polisher

HTG 800-4 800mm Concrete Grinder Polisher


The HTG’s floor grinding machine 800-4 allows the handler to have full manual control on the machine, suitable for large concrete floor projects.

The unique patented four-headed planetary technology combines the performance of the three-headed planetary system and the ease of control from a squared four-headed grinding machine.

The newly designed four-headed planetary technology consists of four rotating sets of grinding heads, which produces more power and a wider working width than the three-headed planetary system. In addition, the four heads are designed to rotate in different directions, which even out the directional force when grinding, allow the operator to be more precise and have better control of the machine.

The counter-rotation planetary technology reduces the deviating force, increase the grinding speed, provides the operator with more precise control of the grinding machine.

HTG 800-4 can be used along with water tank and vacuum port allowing the work to be carried out in dry and wet environments.


Additional information


High Tech Grinding


Four-Headed Planetary Technology, Manual Control, Soft-Start, LED Light


Grinding, Polishing, Concrete, Terrazzo, Granite, Marble, Tile

Power Output

15kW / 20hp

Rotating Speed




Input Voltage

380-440V three phase

Input Amperage


Working Width



18.5kW / 25hp


1 Year

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