\\\\HTG 800-4E 800mm Concrete Grinder with Remote Control

HTG 800-4E 800mm Concrete Grinder with Remote Control

$31,550.00 $28,100.00

The HTG’s floor grinding machine 800-4E is 800mm remote controlled floor grinder. The patented four-headed planetary technology combines the performance of the three-headed planetary system and the ease of control from a squared four-headed grinding machine. It is able to produce more power and work on a wider working width than the three-headed planetary system.

In addition, the four heads are designed to rotate in different directions, which even out the deviating force while grinding, allowing the operator to have more precise and better control of the machine.

HTG 800-4E has a special and patented floating dust cover which is a breakthrough of the traditional abrasive dust cover. When replacing the abrasives, the dust cover does not fall off from the machine which solves the traditional grinding problem of re-installing the dust cover as well as improves the efficiency at work.

HTG 800-4E is equipped with a remote control unit that can achieve a natural balance among power, speed and efficiency.




Additional information


High Tech Grinding


Soft-Start, Remote Control, LED Light


Grinding, Polishing, Concrete, Terrazzo, Granite, Marble, Tile

Power Output

15kW / 20hp

Rotating Speed




Input Voltage

380-440V three phase

Input Amperage


Working Width



18.5kW / 25hp


1 Year

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